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About the AdvanceMed Question Bank

The idea was pretty simple. Doctors that I was working with kept asking me for a source of new doctor interview questions to practice on. Most of these doctors had collected some interview questions. So I encouraged them to share them with me. So that others might share.

It built slowly over time. But now every week or so a doctor anonymously hops on to this site to share a question to the interview question bank. Perhaps its a way of unwinding after a tough process of interview, as many of the questions are of the “tricky” nature.

Regardless we now have a growing collection of almost 1,000 interview questions which span most of the types, levels and specialties of job interviews in Australia.

All are authentic doctor job interview questions that have been asked in an interview at some over the years. So you have the confidence that you are can practice interview questions that are real doctor interview questions.

All contributed by your peers and colleagues.

Dr Anthony Llewellyn

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